Is Planvesting a fiduciary? Yes.

Does Planvesting take custody of my assets? No. Your accounts are custodialized at one of the major brokerage firms (we currently use TDAmeritrade). All accounts are held in your name or the names of entities that you have created (like trusts or retirement plans). Neither Planvesting nor the brokerage firm can access, trade or distribute funds from your account(s) without your express permission.

Can we meet in person? That depends. If you are within an hour or so of our home office (many of our clients aren’t), we can most certainly arrange an in-person meeting. Otherwise, we can meet virtually via zoom (which, post-pandemic, many clients prefer). 

Do you employ off-the-rack “model” portfolios? Not necessarily. We incorporate various models (target allocations) as a starting point, but are very flexible when it comes to designing portfolios: All of our clients’ allocations are custom designed to account for many factors including pre-existing positions, tax issues, risk tolerance, and investment goals.