Yellen’s Policies Destroy Capitalism

Bill Gross tells it like it is: ZIRP and NIRP aren’t doing anyone (except the already wealthy) any favors.  Read the full article here >>

The Black Swan Investors Should Fear

Niall Furguson correctly notes that it’s “geopolitical tapering”, not monetary tapering, that investors should be most worried about.  Read the full article >>

The Future is Now

A dismal view of probable future equity returns from John Hussman. Unfortunately, he is not the only (or the first) to predict such bleakness for the next decade or so.  That’s not to say you should try to time this market but if you’re currently sitting in cash, you probably shouldn’t be in a big hurry to get it invested.  Read the full article >>

Fearful of Rising Interest Rates? Try this!

This Vanguard whitepaper discusses the use of global bonds in a rising-rate environment. “Although investors cannot control when and by how much their domestic interest rates may rise, they can help mitigate the associated risk by more broadly diversifying their fixed income holdings. Christopher B. Philips and Charles J. Thomas show that during periods of rising interest rates over the last three decades, global diversification could have improved the outcome for local bond investors.”. Read the full article >>

The Myth of America’s Decline

“It’s a cyclical phenomenon,” Joffe says of the predictions of America’s decline. But just as “declinists” were wrong about Russia in the 1950s and Japan in the 1980s, current forecasts about America playing second fiddle to China will also prove wrong, he says.”  Read the full article >>

The Market is 10% – 15% Undervalued

According to Jeremy Siegel, the Dow’s gonna add another 1,500 – 2,500 points in the near future.  We shall see!  Read the full article >>