Planning for Longevity

A wise Vulcan once said: “Live Long and Prosper!”  Perhaps, he should have added: “and save ’til it hurts!” Are you ready for 30+ years of retirement?!? Read the full article here >> .

How Much is that Guarantee in the Window?

An outstanding whitepaper from Dave Loeper showing the true cost of annuity ownership.  Read the full article >>

How to Market Time the Fiscal Cliff

Dave Loeper demonstrates the disastrous results that market timing can have on a retired investor’s lifestyle. “That two years of extra cash may be emotionally “comforting”, just like the guarantees of annuities, but it comes at a huge price (also like annuities).” Read the full article >>

Bill Bernstein: Stop When You’ve Won the Game!

When Bernstein talks, investors should listen: “It’s almost like a political issue. There’s a “right wing” of very smart, authoritative people who think that savers and retirees should be investing conservatively because stocks are so risky. And then there’s a “left wing” of equally smart and authoritative people who believe the opposite.”  Read the full article >>

Gotcha! A Hard Look at the Annuity Business

Frank Armstrong III rightfully warns “The next time some young salesperson offers you an annuity, just say no!” Read the full article >>

How to Close the Retirement Income Gap

How to Close the Retirement Income Gap – Lew Mandell