Angst in America

This is a rather sobering view of the state of America’s “Retirement Readiness” by John Mauldin of Mauldin Economics. One-in-three Americans have absolutely $0 in retirement savings, and 87% of us have less than $300,000. Read the full article here >>

Retirement Plans for the Self-Employed

Sean Williams of The Motley Fool provides a good overview of retirement plan options for folks who run a small business. Read the full article here >>

Planning for Longevity

A wise Vulcan once said: “Live Long and Prosper!”  Perhaps, he should have added: “and save ’til it hurts!” Are you ready for 30+ years of retirement?!? Read the full article here >> .

The Retirement Apocalypse That Isn’t

Ben Steverman notes that much of the hysteria surrounding the forthcoming retirement crisis is a sale-related scare tactic “that’s moved the tone of the U.S. savings and retirement conversation from a constructive call to action to an alarmist frenzy.” Read the full article >>

Busting 3 Big Age-Based Investing Myths

There are more, but Eric Rosenbaum captures the essence – that age-based investing “rules of thumb” are more about expediency for the financial services industry than usefullness for investors.  Read the full article >>

Most Retirees Fail to Have an Income Plan

Andrea Coombes at The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch notes: “Among retirees who are withdrawing money from their retirement accounts, about half of them are doing it without a strategy in place, according to a new survey. That doesn’t bode well for their long-term retirement success.” Read the full article >>