New Fiduciary Rule Doesn’t Go Far Enough

There are still too many ways for “advisors” to charge you more than you need to pay and to sell you products that you don’t need. Read the full article here >>

How to Win the Loser’s Game: Must See TV!!

This is a series of FANTASTIC videos named after Charles Ellis’ ground-breaking book “How to Win the Loser’s Game.” You do not want to miss it!! Click here to watch the series >>

The “10 Plagues” of Retirement Investing

Robert Isbitts of Sungarden Investment Research notes “10 plagues that today’s retired and retiring investors must grapple with.” Read the full article >>

Smart Beta & Tourist Investors

Rick Ferri correctly notes:  “The latest spin to attract tourist money is “smart beta.” The phrase didn’t exist one year ago, yet a Google search today shows 190,000 results. The inference that investing this way is smart has ignited a strong interest among less-sophisticated investors while those who truly understand what’s behind these strategies find the phrase distasteful at best.” Read the full article >>

Beyond the Fiduciary Standard

Rick Ferri correctly notes that “there are two levels of fiduciary care. One is a legal standard and the other is a stewardship standard. A legal standard exists in the RIA industry and may soon exist in the brokerage industry. A legal fiduciary will act in the client’s best interest provided these actions are also in the interest of the adviser. The stewardship standard is a higher personal order. This level requires individuality and leadership. It originates from within rather than legislated by law. Read the full article >>

Are You Being Advised or Sold To?

Robb Isbitts correctly notes that “the problem with seeking professional investment help is that all too often the person sitting across from the investor as an ‘‘advisor’’ is there to make a sale . . .” rather than to provide objective advice designed to help investors reach their financial goals.  Read the entire article here >> and the related article “House of Games” here >>