March 26, 2014

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 Investment Management Services  |  Hourly Consultations

Investment Management Services

Planvesting is a boutique investment advisory firm, providing portfolio management services for an intentionally limited number of Michigan-based clients. The principal directly handles client portfolios and all aspects of the client relationship.  Planvesting’s Investment Management Services are designed for well-informed investors with investable assets of at least $500,000 who want to implement an extremely low-cost, Dimensional-style investment strategy based on the research of Nobel Prize-winning economist Eugene Fama (additional information can be found here and here).

Planvesting’s Investment Management Services include initial interviews, preparation of a goals-based Investment Plan, Initial Strategy Analysis and Investment Policy Statement (IPS), implementation of the recommended investment strategy, ongoing monitoring, reviews, updates and consultations as required, rebalancing, and tax-loss harvesting if indicated. We do not place trades unless 1) we have a Plan and an IPS in place, and 2) we have received client approval for specific trades.



Hourly Consultations

We recognize that many investors will not meet our minimums or may simply prefer to handle all of the “administrivia” associated with portfolio management on their own. For those investors we offer hourly consultations on everything from Plan development to portfolio design to cash and debt management.