Retirement Strategies in Pictures

“This example will be based on a 65-year-old retired couple. They have accumulated $1.7 million of retirement savings allocated 50/50 stock/bond, and they also own an un-mortgaged house worth $500,000. They will receive a combined $42,500 in Social Security if they both claim at 65, and their essential expenses are $85,000 increasing with inflation each Read more about Retirement Strategies in Pictures[…]

Vanguard takes on DFA

Vanguard has decided to dive into the “smart-beta” pool (aka factor-based investing). Will these be worthy competitors, or just another “me too” product? “They are apparently going to be ETFs that are not broadly diversified, but which focus just on the specific segment of the equity market that adds the tilt. DFA has funds which are Read more about Vanguard takes on DFA[…]

You Might Need a New Financial Advisor if …

With a nod toward Mr. Foxworthy, and full recognition that this list lacks any humor whatsoever: You might need a new Financial Advisor if: Individual stocks comprise a large percentage of your portfolio. The fees on the mutual funds you own average more than 30 basis points (3/10 of 1%). All of your mutual funds Read more about You Might Need a New Financial Advisor if …[…]