April 20, 2014

Dimensional Fund Advisors

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“Using an investment strategy built around the pioneering work of Nobel-Prize-winning economist Eugene Fama, DFA has delivered astounding results.” — Baron’s

“DFA sets the standard for investor stewardship, innovation, and application that other firms should live up to.” — Forbes

“It barely markets, makes no cold calls, turns away hundreds of advisors every year and won’t allow retail investors to buy its funds without the help of advisors. Yet the growth rate of Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) is the envy of every asset management company.” — Globe and Mail


Following are links to a handful of DFA presentations. Additional information can be found on Dimensional’s Website.

  • An Introduction to Dimensional Fund Advisors. A two-page introduction to Dimensional’s philosophy, process and client-focused solutions.
  • Dimensional Firm Overview. A summary presentation highlighting key aspects of Dimensional’s approach to investing.
  • A Different Way to Invest. This presentation answers some key questions many investors ask and highlights Dimensional’s research-based approach to investing.
  • Market Beaters. In a Barron’s cover article, Dimensional is described as a firm that eschews stock-picking completely and yet manages to “beat the market” consistently.