The Profitability Factor

Phil DeMuth discusses a possible breakthrough for factor-based investors known as “Profitability”. “Over time, tilts towards value, momentum and profitability have outperformed the market, and due to the diversification benefits, a combined portfolio of these three has provided much higher reward per unit of risk and a significant reduction in extreme risk or losses. Thus, Read more about The Profitability Factor[…]

Fearful of Rising Interest Rates? Try this!

This Vanguard whitepaper discusses the use of global bonds in a rising-rate environment. “Although investors cannot control when and by how much their domestic interest rates may rise, they can help mitigate the associated risk by more broadly diversifying their fixed income holdings. Christopher B. Philips and Charles J. Thomas show that during periods of Read more about Fearful of Rising Interest Rates? Try this![…]

Bill Bernstein: Take Some Risk Off the Table

“And if you’re like me, you like leaning even more against the wind, so that when you see valuations like this, you want your equity allocation to be less than it was two years ago. So if you were 55 percent/45 percent two years ago, maybe today you want to be 45 percent/55 percent or Read more about Bill Bernstein: Take Some Risk Off the Table[…]