The Best Fund Company You’ve Never Heard Of …

… And Why It Doesn’t Want Your Money! Beverly Goodman wrote this article way back in 2002. Her opening line – “Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) might be one of the best kept secrets in the mutual fund industry” – rings as true today as it did back then. And that’s a very good thing! Read Read more about The Best Fund Company You’ve Never Heard Of …[…]

How to Manage a Mutual Fund Company

I’ve been an approved DFA advisor since 2006.  I’ve always been proud to be associated with what those of us “in the know” know to be the best mutual fund company on the planet.  And I always knew that we were few-and-far-between.  But I had no idea that of the relatively small percentage of advisors Read more about How to Manage a Mutual Fund Company[…]

Smart Beta & Tourist Investors

Rick Ferri correctly notes:  “The latest spin to attract tourist money is “smart beta.” The phrase didn’t exist one year ago, yet a Google search today shows 190,000 results. The inference that investing this way is smart has ignited a strong interest among less-sophisticated investors while those who truly understand what’s behind these strategies find Read more about Smart Beta & Tourist Investors[…]

Sweeping Changes Underway at DFA

“Despite it’s success, the firm is tinkering with the way it builds equity portfolios” By Jason Kephart via Investment News

For the first time in more than 20 years, Dimensional Fund Advisors is changing the way it builds equity portfolios. Thanks to a breakthrough in asset-pricing research last year, DFA is adding a third layer of screening to its equity portfolios, which already tilt toward small and value stocks. The new layer, or dimension, focuses on a company’s persistence of profitability — basically a stock’s ability to earn a profit consistently.