Vanguard takes on DFA

Vanguard has decided to dive into the “smart-beta” pool (aka factor-based investing). Will these be worthy competitors, or just another “me too” product? “They are apparently going to be ETFs that are not broadly diversified, but which focus just on the specific segment of the equity market that adds the tilt. DFA has funds which are Read more about Vanguard takes on DFA[…]

Seven Predictions for 2014

Chuck Jaffe writes: “In nearly 20 years of covering the mutual fund business, I’d like to think my annual forecasts for what will happen in the industry in the year ahead have been significantly more accurate. I have typically gotten about three-fourths of my prognostications right—and when I’m off, typically, it’s more a case of Read more about Seven Predictions for 2014[…]

Charles Ellis: We Can Do Better

“It’s really hard work, and it’s gotten harder and harder and harder every year for the last 50 years because of all those wonderful people who have come into the business. . . . Think of how many people have gotten really good educations that come in to be practitioners and have been provided with Read more about Charles Ellis: We Can Do Better[…]