Retirement Strategies in Pictures

“This example will be based on a 65-year-old retired couple. They have accumulated $1.7 million of retirement savings allocated 50/50 stock/bond, and they also own an un-mortgaged house worth $500,000. They will receive a combined $42,500 in Social Security if they both claim at 65, and their essential expenses are $85,000 increasing with inflation each Read more about Retirement Strategies in Pictures[…]

Three Ways to Turn Savings into Income

Steve Vernon demonstrates three ways to turn your retirement savings into retirement income. The first – Dividends and Interest – is probably applicable only to the wealthiest of investors (and, even then, there are significant drawbacks to the approach).  The second – Systematic Withdrawals – is probably the most widely used, but does carry greater Read more about Three Ways to Turn Savings into Income[…]

5 Ways to Run Out of Money in Retirement

Dana Anspach notes “Retirement is a balancing act. You want to spend enough to enjoy today, while preserving enough to take care of your needs tomorrow. If you keep things in balance, there is no reason you should run out of money. So what throws people off balance in retirement? Here are five things people Read more about 5 Ways to Run Out of Money in Retirement[…]

Bill Bernstein: Stop When You’ve Won the Game!

When Bernstein talks, investors should listen: “It’s almost like a political issue. There’s a “right wing” of very smart, authoritative people who think that savers and retirees should be investing conservatively because stocks are so risky. And then there’s a “left wing” of equally smart and authoritative people who believe the opposite.”  Read the full Read more about Bill Bernstein: Stop When You’ve Won the Game![…]