Why a High-Dividend Stock Strategy Isn’t a Good Approach

Larry Swedroe notes: “I’ve seen a number of articles touting high-dividend stock strategies, which are poor substitutes for either a high-quality bond approach or diversified stock approach. My Buckingham Asset Management colleague Jared Kizer wrote the following to help you see why such approaches are likely not in your best interests.” Read the entire article Read more about Why a High-Dividend Stock Strategy Isn’t a Good Approach[…]

The Profitability Factor

Phil DeMuth discusses a possible breakthrough for factor-based investors known as “Profitability”. “Over time, tilts towards value, momentum and profitability have outperformed the market, and due to the diversification benefits, a combined portfolio of these three has provided much higher reward per unit of risk and a significant reduction in extreme risk or losses. Thus, Read more about The Profitability Factor[…]