Vanguard takes on DFA

Vanguard has decided to dive into the “smart-beta” pool (aka factor-based investing). Will these be worthy competitors, or just another “me too” product? “They are apparently going to be ETFs that are not broadly diversified, but which focus just on the specific segment of the equity market that adds the tilt. DFA has funds which are Read more about Vanguard takes on DFA[…]

Debunking Some Misconceptions about Indexing

Christopher B. Philips, CFA, of the Vanguard Research Group notes: Although the indexing strategy has proven to be successful since its beginnings in the 1970s, indexing has also been continually criticized. These criticisms have given rise to a number of misconceptions, which persist despite research that has refuted them and despite the historical performance of index mutual funds.” Read the Research Note >>

Fearful of Rising Interest Rates? Try this!

This Vanguard whitepaper discusses the use of global bonds in a rising-rate environment. “Although investors cannot control when and by how much their domestic interest rates may rise, they can help mitigate the associated risk by more broadly diversifying their fixed income holdings. Christopher B. Philips and Charles J. Thomas show that during periods of Read more about Fearful of Rising Interest Rates? Try this![…]