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This is How the Smart Money Invests

Low cost, fixed-fee, evidence-based investment strategies based on decades of Nobel laureate research and insights.


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Helping Clients Build Wealth since 2005

Planvesting is a small, independent investment management firm dedicated to providing low cost, fixed-fee services to investors who understand the power of passive investment strategies and the importance of minimizing portfolio costs.


Simply buy … a total stock market index fund. Then, once you have bought your stocks, get out of the casino—and stay-out!John C. Bogle, Founder – Vanguard Group


After adjusting the comparison of index funds to actively managed funds for survivorship bias, taxes, and loads, the dominance of index funds reaches insurmountable proportions.” Charles Ellis, The Index Revolution.


Unless you’ve just spent the last decade looking for Elvis, you know that indexing most asset classes will beat most active managers. From time to time a majority of active managers in a given asset class will beat indexing, but this usually doesn’t last very long.William Bernstein, The Four Pillars of Investing

You First!

Everything we do – from how we price our services, to the guidance we provide our clients – is determined with a single, over-riding question in mind: “Is this the best we can do to protect the long-term interests of our clients for the lowest reasonable cost?” It’s a standard of care that goes beyond the fiduciary standard; one that’s based on principles rather than just the letter of the law. Often referred to as a “Stewardship” standard, it reflects our passion and commitment to always do right.

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